The 8 week course

The RadSec 8-Week course has been designed to support people with the possibility of becoming more accepting, caring and reassuring in their relationship to themselves when life feels challenging. The course takes place in two hour sessions over eight weeks online via Zoom/or face to face. There is also practitioner contact via weekly emails throughout the duration of the course.

Throughout the 8 weeks we will spend time considering the tone that we use to ourselves and how that impacts upon how we relate to our experiences. We will consider how difficult emotions like anger and shame impact us and alternative ways of being with them. The course facilitators will support and guide you towards ways of increasing self-care and self-compassion using secular elements of Mindfulness and Compassion Focused Therapy.

The theoretical underpinnings are evidence-based approaches such as Mindful Self-Compassion, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Compassion Focused Therapy. The course supports individuals to enhance their natural capacities for mindful awareness and caring and compassionate responses towards themselves. The course supports understanding and enhancing emotional regulation through psychological education and experientially through practices and reflections.

Participants will work on their own, in pairs or small groups as well as in the larger group. All participation is invitational and participants are free to either participate in the exercises or group discussion if they wish to do so, or to take a pause and opt out of a practice if that feels more comfortable at any given point.

Practicing and reflecting in between sessions is a crucial aspect of the course and warm encouragement is given to engage in this each week. The RadSec courses are delivered by practitioners with experience of and training in the evidence-based methodologies that the course is founded on. The group usually consists of 10-14 participants.


The RadSec Practitioner Training Programme

The RadSec Practitioner Training Programme is open to individuals and staff from organisations who have completed at least two 8 week RadSec courses with a registered accredited facilitator. The course will support you to develop the RadSec principles in your daily life, as well as provide you with the tools required to begin your journey towards becoming an accredited facilitator.

Over 18 months you will be guided through the theory behind aspects of the intervention, supported in developing skills around group facilitation, and advised on risk and conflict management. Using a combination of formal taught components, supervision and peer learning sessions, your development as a RadSec practitioner will be supported at your own pace.

The taught component of the training occurs once a month for 8 months. During this time you will meet with your supervision group and RadSec supervisor to practice delivering aspects of the course, explore any challenges you may be facing and to create a sense of community. After this, with the support of experienced RadSec Facilitators you will be encouraged to support the delivery of up to three RadSec 8-week Courses, before either meeting with a group of facilitators or submitting a piece of writing to establish your readiness to deliver courses as a Registered RadSec Facilitator.

Upon completion of 3 further RadSec courses with a co-facilitator, you can apply for accreditation as an Accredited RadSec Facilitator.


There is an ambition to expand the reach of the Radical Self Care programme to wider communities and audiences and to embed the principles of self-care and care for others throughout society. This is much needed in the current climate and for marginalised groups with their history of oppression and inequalities.